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What are our core strengths
Pledged to become your prime choice of ideal working partner, Finlang always keeps punctuality, confidentiality and quality in mind.

Proven track record
Our translators, in aggregate, have served nearly 300 clients and translated more than 20,000 documents, including documents required for large scale corporate finance exercises, such as IPO, open offer, general offer and rights issue.

Committed to quality
Stringent quality assurance procedures are to be implemented by our seasoned translators to deliver accurate and fair translations employing terminology and writing style preferred by the client.

Dedicated translation team
A team of professionally trained bilingual translators will be assigned to handle each project under the supervision of a project manager to maintain high level of consistency and quick turnaround time.

Client-specific glossaries
Given that using the terms specific to particular clients is very important for accentuating their unique corporate image, especially in the case of financial documents, we have compiled glossaries for each client to achieve the highest level of consistency in wordings.

Extensive database
Extensive database is in place for easy reference to enhance efficiency and consistency of wordings and writing style.

Quick turnaround time
With the pressing schedules of the corporate finance sector in mind, Finlang is ready to provide you with efficient and accurate language services. Speedy turnaround is also ensured under the management of experienced project manager with full support from professional translators.

Assured confidentiality
Confidentiality is a ground rule in our business and all documents handled and information contained therein will be kept strictly confidential adhering to our stringent privacy guidelines.

Reasonable pricing
Finlang excels in providing quality translation on a timely basis with reasonable pricing as we are an expert in quality control and time management.

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